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Take a moment to think deeply and ask yourselves why you are involved in a production of debt. Technology alone may not have the answer to your question.
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“ My words sound better coming from my hands than from my mouth.” — Bloglovin'
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August 17, 2016 James Kershaw's blog

Niagara In the 1950's

We had no idea about the future of Niagara Falls


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30 years Niagara service


Long Term Care since 1998

James Kershaw

319 Geneva St. Unit 36
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February 2018 James Kershaw's blog

2018 February

Canada's Racism confronted with Bushie-Stanley Trial

April 2017 James Kershaw's blog

2017 April

Giving Up the Keys

what could be more difficult?

Jan 2016 James Kershaw's blog

2016 January

Through a Dog's Eyes

a friend for life

August 2015 James Kershaw's blog

August 2015

Can't Wait?

Feel some presence

April 2015 James Kershaw's blog

2015 April

Tuning In With Tinnitus

Like being a field of crickets

February 2014 James Kershaw's blog

2014 February

Is Suffering Necessary

Canada's Right to Life Debate

July 2013 James Kershaw's blog

2013 July

Your Comfort Zone

Beyond borders

April 2013 James Kershaw's blog

2013 April

Understanding Hoarding

"A life of its own"

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I Fell Off My Bike

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October 7, 2016 James Kershaw's blog

Really Cool Slideshow

If we love our box stores we love what a magician does with a box.

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James Kershaw

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James brings over 30 years experience to this community. Choosing self-employment early in his career motivated him to put extra value into his work.

Holding a Royal Conservatory of Music certificate in Grade Eight Piano and Grade Two Theory James' repertoire reflects the type of songs that today's elders love to hear. James volunteers at the local hospital while attending Brock University's Humanities program studying towards an Honours Degree majoring in Studio Art.




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I can visit your facility at your convenience and entertain your residents.


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