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The topic I've chosen seems to be a natural outcome of sometimes challenging daily routines regarding food packaging. Mind you it's not too bad of a task at this point. Lately though I've had some difficulty, and I'm sure there are other folks who would find what I did with that cantankerous bottle a daunting task. It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in this survey project and help make food packaging more age-friendly.

With growing numbers of aging men and women living alone or in seniors' housing communities, the ability to prepare daily food for balanced meals is an important factor for maintaining a healthy independent lifestyle. We know that poor nutrition promotes frailty and can increase depression in older adults. Combined with conditions such as arthritis and loss of memory, the effort of holding and opening some packages becomes more difficult.

I would like to challenge the appropriate industries to alter their packaging designs. Where necessary can they make it more age-friendly and as a result positively influence the rate of long-term care admissions over the next 30 years?

This study will identify the issues around the difference between how senior men and women, handle packaged foods. We will also determine the prevalence of arthritis and its influence on the ability to hold and open different types of packaging. I'll distribute 400 questionnaires to seniors who represent this target audience. I expect to complete the project by January 31, 2013 and report the findings in my March 2013 newsletter.

If you are fifty-plus, I'm interested in your experience with holding and opening your food packages and containers. Your voice combined with others has the power to influence and initiate change. Do you agree that the food packaging industry could do better in designing with seniors in mind? If so, please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey. (Survey now closed) You will make a difference.

Thanks, Jim Kershaw Oct 2012 ©

Age-Friendly Packaging for a Healthy Lifestyle


November 15, 2012


James Kershaw


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Jim Kershaw says

January 1, 2017

Progress has been made since I completed this project. Tonight I heated up a dinner in a paper bag in the oven. It was easy to open.

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