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From my window I could see snowflakes falling straight down revealing black patches of wet asphalt. I began comparing the weight of the white accumulation to all the stuff I had to move out. Foolishly, I muttered to myself that at least I wouldn’t be shovelling snow. I had to find a place to live, locate a mover, avoid the life of a “pack rat”, and finally do the actual move.

At least two seniors who live in my destination community expressed their loathing at the prospect of leaving their nests again. And those looking for nests within the affordable housing community in Niagara currently sits at 10,641 with 2049 of those being seniors. I happened to be lucky following a steady 12-year renting stint with a property owner who had an apartment in a nearby city about to come available. The other criteria were that I had served my notice to vacate and could have faced homelessness without the prompt attention of my landlord.

I discovered the moving business is pretty competitive. Each company does it differently than the other. Of the three movers I contacted, one made a home visit to assess the situation. He turned out to be the most expensive - over 200 dollars more than the smaller one truck operation. The other two had me list some items over the phone pricing it out as a flat rate per truckload. Have you ever made a business decision around a company’s name? I chose Mighty Movers because I liked the sound of it, and they were always available and courteous to contact right up to moving day. Three easy going guys showed up ten minutes early, followed instructions right to a tee and certainly lived up to their name when it came to my heavy furniture. Best of all the fees were very reasonable.

Then there is the creative element of arranging everything just the way you want.

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I’m thankful that I don’t suffer from a hoarding disease; otherwise, I would have had a lot more collected than I would have. Naturally, there are some objects I did keep, but the existence of a large garbage bin on the premises made the discarding easier and diminished the temptation to keep stuff. This is an advantage of living on a rental property. In a way moving is like Christmas. You’ve got all your boxes stacked up on the floor of your new place. You can open them at leisure as if they are gifts to rediscover. Then there is the creative element of arranging everything just the way you want. To help me with this I made a scale drawing of the floor area and all the objects and positioned the pieces to the best fit on the diagram. This technique can be useful for any size unit. I moved into the second (top floor) and for some reason it felt comforting when I saw the roof overhang out the window.

The hard part comes when you find memorabilia that has sentimental value. The amount of memorabilia could be substantial, and if you include this, you could face the possibility of significant additional charges. I guess it all depends on how much you let go. How many of us never accumulate? Although it is easy to single out the hoarder, sometimes I wonder if our society as a whole is gathering more than it is discarding

Thanks to Mighty Movers and some planning ahead it is possible that the joys of moving can be a joyful journey’s end.©

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The Joys of Moving


March 15, 2014


James Kershaw


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Jim Kershaw says

March 15, 2014

I called them back in November 2016. They were available to help with a small job on short notice.

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