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Mythical legend has it that explorers discovered a light water in a pool where no wood or fish would float. They claim that anyone who drank or bathed in this water would live to 120 years and beyond. Stories of the Fountain of Youth have been told worldwide for thousands of years in writings of Herodotus, Prester John, and the Alexander romance. In the 16th Century, Caribbean explorers spoke of the restorative powers of Bimini's mythical waters. Another explorer, Jean Ponce de Leon became associated with the Fountain of Youth. Memoirs of Hernando d'Escalante Fontaneda in 1575 mention that Leon was looking for the restorative waters of Florida.

…it's not acceptable to wear your true age on your face.

I get the message that our culture makes it unacceptable to wear your true age on your face. While obsessive with attention to facial appearances, I've notices girls and young women abhor anything that suggests aging or death with their social activities rarely involving the elderly; although I know that groups of children from schools do visit some nursing homes but not all. Today, young volunteers are seldom seen in nursing homes.

Druggists, cosmeticians, plastic surgeons ply a multi-billion dollar beauty business offering services catering to human vanity. Looking young has even become synonymous with feeling younger. Agencies prepare their advertising and products that are almost guaranteed to remove all wrinkles. Customers suffer delusion under the influence of the media and print, and even the pictures of carefully chosen older adult models depict themselves as youthful looking, devoid of any disability or characteristic that would give them individuality. Everything is designed to get the customer to hand over his or her money (for treatment). Even after we're dead and gone, our remains must still look younger for the onlookers. So will I care? And speaking of death, our society plays down the mourning process by covering it up with all the burial protocol. Why isn't the situation of an adult crying or raging like a child in public because of a loss not appropriate in this society? Ironically when pervasive youthfulness is so often suppressed how can anybody enjoy the time of his or her old age with a youthful outlook? What happened to the beauty of aging without all this confusing pretentiousness?

Almost every day I get emails about some product and recommendation claiming to rid me of all my assumed ailments. I think you know what I'm talking about. Of course, before I pay to have these tried and tested secrets revealed, and how to use them, I am given a complete money back guarantee. Oh, Oh! We all believe it when the media claims that eating certain foods including organic reduces the risk of cancer and promotes healthiness. Millions glue themselves to the advertisements as they scramble to follow the lifestyles of Hollywood actors who consume certain products they favour in the belief we can delay/eliminate the pains of old age or even death itself.

Mind you I cannot condemn lifestyles focused on rejuvenation of youthfulness. "Fountain of Youth" is something that attempts to disqualify the humaneness we are right now. The need to be better than another is an ego running on an unconscious emotion. Somethimes I'm aware of the present moment, how my body feels without labeling pain or pleasure and I feel an inner stillness and acceptance. Everything is complete in itself with nothing more and people are just being themselves. With that it's difficult to retain an ego that says I'm better than someone else because I look younger. Well I love my old age, and by the way I do love fountains.©

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The Fountain of Youth


July 15, 2015


James Kershaw


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Jim Kershaw says

August 15, 2015,

On a number of occasions someone would offer me her seat on a crowded bus. I have no trouble standing.

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