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Did you ever wonder if your cooking could be nutritious fun and easy?

From my experience and observation, I found that one of the most compelling reasons for choosing an institutional care setting was due to the loss of interest/ability to self-care including preparing meals on a regular basis. If you wish to stay independent as long as you can, wouldn't it be wise to adopt ways that could streamline your life? If so, allow me share this little cooking tip.

I purchased this Black and Decker rice cooker which includes a steamer for $20 at Canadian Tire. Shortly after, my wife found a new one at a thrift store for which she paid $6. I wager there must be millions of them worldwide. You may have already guessed that a rice cooker is engineered to use less hydro than a frying pan on a stove burner. A rice cooker won't smoke up your kitchen and get black foreign burnt matter in your food.

Now I'm spending less on food, eating out less and even enjoying my surroundings more…

Maybe you're tired of eating in restaurants and want to make healthier choices. It is said that continuous restaurant food intake results in decreased nutrient density and greater health risks. This warning was enough for me to take heed. Now I'm spending less on food, eating out less and even enjoying my surroundings more as I prepare my dinners.

Let's assume you have secured your groceries and you have decided on a basic fish-vegetable-rice dish. You may have purchased frozen fish fillets in individual plastic wrappers that you can quickly thaw in warm water. Storing food like this is practical for me also. Place the fillet in the heat resistant tray along with a few cut raw vegetables. Measure out your choice of rice in the plastic cup provided (1 cup rice + 2 cups water). Add salt and pepper, assemble everything, plug it in and press “Cook”. In twenty minutes it will tell you that your dinner is ready and it will even keep it warm for you. Although there is a lot to say about roasting, broiling, grilling and frying, steaming may be occasionally preferred by some folks.

Vegetarians can add some tofu along with a handful of berries and nuts and get the protein from what’s called TVP, texturized vegetable protein. They have it in south Asian and west Indian or health food stores.

For some reason I didn’t mind staying in tonight enjoying my food creation and my good company.

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August 15, 2016


James Kershaw


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Jim Kershaw says

August 15, 2016

You can use the cooker solely for rice - enough for 6 servings.

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