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With billions of phones (70% of world’s population by 2020) cultures have intentionally or unintentionally rooted themselves in today's technology. Might we wonder where the phone industry is headed and the inherent ethical and human rights issues raised? While I explored this idea I came up with a ludicrous concept of the future cellphone.

If we look at the scientific, and technological developments of recent times, we often ask what might happen if scientists brought their ideas to full fruition and applied it to the communication processes.  An innocent looking device the cell phone comes with an intricate circuit and communication system unheard of just 70 years ago but there are broader implications. Designers might be considering customising it even further. In the future could more controls be added such as our personal biometric levels, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, weight, etc.? What if science could enable these variables from our individual biochemistry in real time to be consistently available to view on our cell phones? If you think that's scary take a look at this.

With cell phones, we can personalise our needs, organise our finances, receive and send messages and entertain ourselves. It is perceived as a necessary tool for any home and business and even replaces the necessity of an office. In a survey phone users were asked if they had the choice between giving up either their cars or their cells and what would they choose. A third of the responders designated their cars to relinquish. On the other hand, out of 439 sample organisations employees lost 142,708 smartphones yearly with 9,298 (7%) recovered.

What might happen if scientists brought their ideas to full fruition?

Implanting cell phones

Conceivably if man evolves to a healthy existence, the dominant hand will become the point where all personal information could be received, viewed and sent without necessitating additional inspections. The result would be an integral part of everyone’s life where it would be impossible to lose one’s phone. A near future evolutionary process might start with accommodated left and right handedness with our cell phones dictating where the technologists locate controls on the device.

For my sculpture project, I created a plaster cast of my right-hand holding a slightly smaller scale model of a cell phone.  Employing a suitable box,  I neatly installed and labelled the piece as  “Cell Arm Extender”.  Along with fantasised descriptive information based on a biochemistry laboratory form it identifies a time in near history when man takes on the bewildering task of altering genetics and human engineering. 

Doesn't all this make you wonder what the hell is going on?

The Implied Body


December 15, 2016


James Kershaw


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Jim Kershaw says

December 15, 2016,

This was a first year "Foundation Studies" project at Brock University.

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