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Life's hard and confusing. You have meetings to attend that seem to go on forever. Personal responsibilities overload you, and you don't want to let your friends and family down. Somewhere at a certain agreed time another meeting's scheduled, but the car broke down, and there is a delayed in getting assistance because the cell phone is missing. On top of it all, the credit card is overspent, and you're in more debt. The approaching brink feels like craziness. Could being in a different boat mean a different life?

This situation is so universal most of us turn away from discussing it. We shrug it off and move on with our lives or sneak in some condescending advice but secretly we relate personally to all of it. Truly, you're not responsible for the way it is and in all likelihood any change won't happen overnight. But it is said your awareness of this as a culture's insanity is the beginning of change. What if we could imagine the world where self-respect took precedence over keeping friends and family commitments, a job or more money? What if self-respect was the life ingredient that kept you away from the illusions of past and future or the things that don't have much consequence in the long term?

Consider how some of these examples from our experience have shaped our lives:

  • When I was a teen I felt intuitive about things but all that conflicted with my parent's viewpoints. I was taught to be loyal to my family, but when I left home, I had to make some decisions based on my needs.
  • Technology seems to make things easier and faster, but I'm beginning to feel isolated and frustrated with it.
  • My purchases cost more than before, but now their quality is also lower.
  • Television doesn't appeal to me anymore.
  • I've never met my neighbours.

Consider how some of these examples from our experience have shaped our lives:

The above is just a short list, and you might want to cite more examples that ring true in your present experience. I began to unravel some of these issues for my peace of mind by meditating and acting on the following possibilities:

  • Rather than a private vehicle use cheaper and safer transportation — taxi, train, carpool, bus or walk.
  • Use a computer's secure Internet connection along with a cell phone that has text and talk.
  • Pay for the necessary repairs and give the car to someone who needs it more or scrap it.
  • Be my best friend before I become a Mother Teresa.
  • Try handwriting and write in a journal daily.
  • Save money and spend it wisely.
  • Walk a lot, living in the present moment and listen to the inner voice no matter how many sirens are calling.
  • Realise you don't want to keep up with the Joneses anymore.

Sometimes I lose awareness of how much my obsessiveness with the future is consuming my present moments, but knowledge of that fact stops the consuming and I may begin to cease identifying with other undesirable habits. Meanwhile, confusion may be the only thing we can be sure of and the perception of a society gone totally mad may be an example of that enlightenment of "awakening consciousness" — an essential ingredient of Eckhart Tolle's teachings.

Imagine what if…?


March 15, 2016


James Kershaw


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Jim Kershaw says

August 24, 2016

Now as an undergraduate student the guidelines I've set are even more close to me.

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