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The holidays seem to have brought out a collective impatience with the simplest of things we do unconsciously. We find annoyance at its worst in a parking lot of horn blowers. A cashier not fast enough becomes the brunt of a customer’s anger. The notion of total consumption of a massive haste to discard one’s time and money at a store or a casino pushes me to insanity. Let me divert to a public place in a mall or a bench and take a few moments to look and listen.

… like a new song flung at me from some incredible place.

When I look around at the movement I sense a heightened inclusiveness with everything and I’ve begun to see it all like a dance of life forms, objects, animals, energy. I sense different speeds of various objects and people expressing limitless gestures, messages communicated and facial expressions. It’s as if I have never actually looked at this before and now it’s before me for the first time like a new song flung at me from some incredible place.

These gestures are the beginnings of my record of moments that I stretch into long seconds. Impatience and self criticism with this activity spoil the fun. The aim is not necessarily to finish anything, neither arrive at a goal nor a product. It doesn’t have to look like something. I gaze for a second between the form and my paper to anchor myself on the map of this geography. The structure moves and my tool races to catch its direction and the tension of that second in space. But the more effort I put into this, the more laboured the results look.

More often now space takes on a broader landscape, and I betray myself and lose my way trying to define it. The more I forget about what I’m doing, the more in touch and less self-conscious I am. I am there but not there. A gesture can become anything including a basis for a painting, a piece of sculpture or music. Some days there might be a lot of gestures in parking lots, and if I find myself there, rather than getting hooked into the collective impatience, I will look for collective consciousness. Happy drawing!©

A Moment's Space


January 15, 2017


James Kershaw


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Jim Kershaw says

January 8, 2017,

It's good to be curious but in many situations I try to be as anonymous as possible and don't talk very much.

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