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Some readers may be familiar with this appliance; however, my professor insisted I bring along the actual toaster for the class critique so my younger fellow students would be conversant with my madness. I chose a 1950's electric toaster as a piece of memorabilia for the project. This appliance toasted sliced bread in a minute and although flipping the toast was easy you had to watch it carefully, or it could all go up in smoke. This piece displays broken filaments, but the original cord gives it a sense of authenticity.

… The exercise sharpened by manipulative skills.

Minimum dimensions for the replica were specified at 2 feet to 2.5 feet, so my scale was 2.4: 1 to reach these sizes. The cardboard project is structurally sound, and the toaster doors open and close rotating on four little brass bolts. Inside I used white nylon string to simulate wires, and you can insert or remove the cardboard cord plug. I cut out the parts on a cutting mat and assembled them using a glue gun. The exercise sharpened by manipulative skills while working with three-dimensional parameters. We were instructed to employ an abstract element in our designs but as I proceeded this component completely elluded me. I have no idea what I will do with this item other than gaining credit for the assignment. Suggestions appreciated.©

Cardboard Replica


March 15, 2017


James Kershaw


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Jim Kershaw says

March 15, 2017,

I remember when we made our cardboard castles in our neighbourhood field.

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