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20's to 70's Music



August 7, 2016


Boomers, 80+


Care Facilities, Clubs

We provide opportunities for relaxation and recall of past experiences using live music and memorabilia of the 20th Century. Journal articles may appeal to the fifty plus and boomers.

James Kershaw brings a lifetime of experience to this community. He is creative, stimulated by a challenge, striving to put extra value into his products. Choosing self-employment early in his career reaching a level where he disciplined himself as a sign painter, graphic artist, and musician. James feels that any artistic endeavour employs universal terms such as colour, balance, contrast, tone, composition as universal jargon.

Holding a Royal Conservatory certificate James cultivates a growing repertoire that reflects the types of songs that today's elders love to hear.

A background of volunteer service and a love of art, nature, music and evolving writing projects are his daily works-in-progress. He is enrolled in Brock University's Humanities program studying towards an Honours Degree in Studio Art.


Our visitors' comments were so positive. Your contribution added a "magical" touch to our very successful event. Many thanks!

Gloria Szylah Rotary Club House Tour Co-ordinator December 6, 2001.

Piano engagements usually last an hour, and I aim to arrive a few minutes in advance. At this time I prefer that your facility has a working keyboard or piano available. For birthday parties and special occasions, I will bring appropriate music (St. Patricks Day, Valentines, Christmas, Easter). Some residents may like to sing along, and I encourage this. I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me for your music hour's entertainment. Cheers!