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Benefits from Memorabilia


Residential Homes, Care Facilities, Hospitals


September 11, 2016


Mainly boomers and elderly


20 items


Reference: Howard Thorsheim and Bruce Roberts, I Remember When, Elder Books, 2000

Certainly, people who lived during the first half of the last century would be familiar with the objects on this site. Memorabilia may be perceived as special because it triggers a memory or memories associated with the object. Some participants sat quietly as they examined the items until initiating talking increased the flow of ideas improving listening skills as well. Verbalizing, released tension in a safe nurturing environment opening opportunities for resolution and closure.

Active listening was empowering …

Some talked more when asked about a specific experience they had, or when I pointed to something in the environment such as attire, or a photo. Active listening was empowering, connecting to friendship, common ground, and community. Good eye contact, open-ended questions, paraphrasing the speaker's words, and reflecting on the feelings expressed freed up the reminiscing process building confidence, self control and trust. Attention to knowing what I wanted to share before speaking as well as not probing too deeply at first conveyed safe boundaries.©