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Guided Journey with Sound

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20's to 50's Piano Music



April 13, 2017


Boomers, 80+


Care Facilities, Home Care

We hear sad tales of species of birds and animals becoming extinct and their sounds never to be heard again. For people living in controlled environments certain kinds of sensory deprivation often become a quality of life issue. Similar to the threat of extinction, deprivation can occur for example, when sounds of nature or opportunities to enjoy childhood's curiosity are not part of a present moment experience. To address this kind of disservice and as a forever keepsake, I have put together a CD that holds some of these sounds. The sound tracks create a natural outside listening experience to be enjoyed in the comfort of ones own living space. A robin's clear chirp or a tugboat's horn in a harbour, are examples of sounds that may bring back memories of being one with nature. Listening to these tracks offers a meaningful occasion for some individuals as I recorded a number of bird, meadow, and animal sounds that may be somewhat hidden away from inbound or isolated elders. Listen for a few surprises: a segment from a birthday party in Britain or some verbal imagery of the smells of freshly cut grass and lilacs in Spring. If you notice a listener glancing out the window when prompted by the CD's sounds of a thunder storm, you'll be pleasantly reassured that everyone's journey is unique.



James Kershaw, Reminiscence Facilitator has demonstrated his extraordinary musical skills and talent through his CD titled -"A Guided Journey with Sound." The Reminiscence music of piano medleys from the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's and the familiar sounds of nature, birds chirping, locomotives, a horse drawn carriage and much more deliver to the listener an opportunity to connect with the world in a special way.

Music indeed is good for the spirit however young or old you may be.

Kathleen Steamer, Ageing Life Manager.

The sound effects are excellent quality. We are taken on a personal journey and guided with Mr. Kershaw's comforting and reassuring voice through the times of our lives. Music indeed is good for the spirit however young or old you may be. Elders in particular, will discover the benefits and joy of taking the time to listen and relax while also reminiscing. Thank you Mr. Kershaw for creating this extraordinary Reminiscence music presentation for all to discover and enjoy!-Kathleen Steamer, Ageing Life Care Manager

Lake Ontario

Reviews (continued)

A nice combination of an imaginative walk with familiar scenes and sounds, and a presentation of popular songs of many decades ago played in a slower than usual tempo.- John R. Mayer

This CD does help to bring back memories through familiar nostalgic tunes and effective sound effects. We found it relaxing and could identify with the scenarios. The songs are paced so that seniors can sing along. - Jim Glassford and Susan Velkers

James Kershaw's CD demonstrates the power of sounds and music to elicit memories, reflections and emotions. Many of the sounds such as the locomotive and horse-drawn carriage evoke vivid visual images; the musical pieces are played in the style of their origin and they are played on an instrument that compels memories of fun and companionship. In all, this CD is a fine illustration of James' work and an invitation to hear more. - David L. Jordan, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (retired)